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TPS54231DR  Converter
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US $0.15 / PCS
-->Arrival time 5-7 days
---->Arrival time 15-27 days, Brazil and Russian Federation must
-->Arrival time 5-7 days
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US $0.15
Within 15 days of the receipt of the goods, if the quality of the goods, the description does not match or did not receive the goods, etc., you have the right to apply for a refund or return, postage back and forth borne by the seller.
Logic chip
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Part no.TPS54231DR
Date Code17+
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$ 0.15 (USD)/PCS
$ 0.15 (USD)/PCS
Buyers evaluation
 刘*****  Order Number: PO:********8587288--->>>(Dear buyer! If you do not give feedback after 15 days of receipt of the goods, the system will automatically end the order oh.)
2017/5/16 15:08:58--->>>With a single ROM table Internet format, so that buyers query data more convenient.
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