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AI+VSLAM visual technology innovation, Ruixin micro help fourth generation of sweeping robot industry upgrading  (2018/5/27 10:59:45)
AI+VSLAM visual technology innovation, Ruixin micro help fourth generation of sweeping robot industry upgrading
2018-05-25 Tags: new chip source: Ruixin micro
2018-05-25 Tags: new chip source: Ruixin micro
2018-05-25 Tags: new chip source: Ruixin micro

Rockchip to the industry to release four "AI artificial intelligence sweeping robot" chip level solutions: RK3399, RV1108, RK3326 and RK3308, support from AI to VSLAM and laser navigation functions, comprehensive coverage from high-end to entry level sweeping robot products, and achieve rapid mass production, breakthrough traditional industry bottlenecks, helping fourth generation AI Definition and upgrading of artificial intelligence ground sweeping robot positioning and navigation standards.


In recent years, the industry of sweeping robot has developed rapidly. By the three generation of random, planning and navigation, there is still more manual intervention, such as interactive mode, intelligent planning, hardware energy consumption and other pain points. Rockchip issued four chip level overall solutions based on Linux system, upgrading the industry. Solve the pain point of the product.


Among them, the flagship RK3399 chip uses AI+VSLAM positioning and navigation technology, RV1108 and RK3326 support VSLAM image vision positioning and navigation technology, and RK3308 can realize the mainstream laser navigation technology.

Flagship core RK3399, AI+ image recognition, +VSLAM positioning and navigation technology]

Rockchip is based on RK3399 chip to publish AI+VSLAM positioning and navigation technology, which can make the navigation technology of sweeping robot directly into fourth generations, truly realize the industry AI artificial intelligence, combined with image recognition, large data, deep learning and intelligent algorithms, and integrate AI artificial intelligence with sweeping robots.


On the chip of fourth generation navigation technology, RK3399 on the CPU/GPU chip, based on the visual recognition technology and the AI algorithm, breaks the limitations of the original VSLAM technology dependence on light conditions. It can not only be applied to the weak light, weak texture, strong light and other complex indoor scenes, but also can intelligently identify hundreds of image objects, classification records and visual range finder in the interior. And avoid obstacles, planning the best cleaning path.

In human-computer dialogue and voice interaction, it supports the multi wheat array and remote field speech control. The sweeping and trailing ground can be completed by voice control, and the binocular vision algorithm can be supported.

[main stream core RV1108, RK3326, RK3308]


RV1108 & RK3326 characteristics:

Vision positioning and navigation technology of VSLAM image

RK3308 features: laser SLAM positioning and navigation technology


The RV1108 and RK3326 chip level overall solutions have VSLAM image vision positioning and navigation technology. Although these two navigation technologies have been applied mature, the new Rockchip scheme is more advantageous in hardware performance, in order to meet the needs of different customers, and the implementation of the two type of chip scheme in the VSLAM algorithm Make a distinction:


RV1108 can support the implementation of the VSLAM algorithm on DSP, built-in 8M ISP, and the simultaneous support of 3D cameras. For clients using VSLAM positioning navigation technology, they can adapt to more complex usage scenarios; support MIPI CSI interfaces and select Camera Sensor module.


RK3326 can support the implementation of the VSLAM algorithm in the CPU/GPU end, RK3326 GPU uses G31, can support Full profile OpenCL2.0, can quickly implement VSLAM algorithm on GPU, CPU+GPU work, can play better performance.


RK3308 can realize the laser navigation technology of the mainstream sweeping robot, using the 64-bit Cortex A35 architecture, compared with the 40nm Cortex A7 scheme compared with the same kind. The Rockchip scheme uses a new processor with higher performance and lower power consumption in 28nm process. It can effectively solve the heat problem of the chip and is particularly heavy for the cleaning machine built with the built-in battery. Yes.


Summary of the five technical advantages of Ruixin micro fourth generation sweeping robot


In terms of technology, compared with the traditional sweeping robot solution, Rockchip's four major solutions have the following advantages:

1, support AI deep learning

2, superior system comprehensive performance

3. Intelligent voice interaction system to support voice control.

4. Aiming at system optimization, fast starting <2 seconds

5, elastic hardware design customized, cost-effective.


[innovation! Hardware elastic design]


Rockchip has a lot of algorithm partners and ODM/OEM customers, including laser, VSLAM, AI, and so on. In response to the different product innovation needs of the industry customers, Rockchip also carried out the hardware flexibility design of the four sweeping robot solutions. On peripheral materials, RK3399, RV1108, RK3326 and RK3308 can provide a more extensive support list for key components such as DDR/WIFI/BT/Camera/Nand and Flash/EMMC. For partners, it will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the market.


In the fast growing industry background, Rockchip's first release solution, with the accumulation of artificial intelligence, image vision, and chip technology, is very subversive compared to traditional products. Combined with new technologies such as IoT and AI, the white power market will have more opportunities to break through in limited changes.


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