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The industry's first integrated four-channel and dual-channel RF sampling transceiver to achieve multi-antenna broadband system  (2019/3/7 21:49:34)

The industry's first integrated four-channel and dual-channel RF sampling transceiver to achieve multi-antenna broadband system

TI transceiver can simplify the design of national defense, test and measurement applications, and achieve industry-leading frequency range and occupancy space.




March 5, 2019

Beijing News (March 5, 2019) - Texas Instruments (TI) (Nasdaq Code: TXN) recently released two new RF sampling transceivers. For the first time, these two transceivers have integrated four analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and four digital-to-analog converters (DACs) on a single chip. Four-channel AFE7444 and dual-channel AFE7422 transceivers have the industry-leading frequency range and instantaneous bandwidth, and occupy 75% less space than discrete solutions, which can help engineers deploy multi-antenna, direct radio frequency sampling in radar, software radio and wireless 5G applications more easily. For more information, please refer to and


Simplifying Frequency Planning with High Bandwidth
The industry-leading highest instantaneous bandwidth (IBW): The highest instantaneous bandwidth of AFE7444 and AFE7422 is higher than that of similar RF sampled transceivers in the industry, which can help engineers achieve up to six times the data throughput. The maximum sampling rate of each DAC of AFE7444 can reach 9 GSPS, and the ADC can reach 3 GSPS. It can receive and receive 800 MHz information from each antenna (4 in total); and the AFE7422 can receive and receive 1.2 GHz information from each antenna (2 in total).
Wide frequency range: With the new RF sampling broadband transceiver, engineers can design applications more flexibly in the range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz.


Simplify the design process of direct RF sampling
Reduce the number of components: With the help of AFE7444 and AFE7422, engineers can deploy eight antennas on a single device to achieve 16 RF bands. In addition, engineers can directly sample the input frequency to C band without any other frequency conversion, and no local oscillators, mixers, amplifiers and filters need to be used in the design. Compared with traditional RF solutions, the architecture of the two new transceivers can achieve better programmability, and flexible sampling options can also optimize data bandwidth.
Reduce design flow: AFE7444 and AFE7422 integrate four analog-to-digital converters and four digital-to-analog converters into one chip, and engineers can significantly reduce the design cycle associated with manufacturing and testing using discrete components.


Save space for high density applications
Less footprint: TI's RF sampled transceiver is only 17 mm x 17 mm in size, which can effectively save 75% of the board space compared with the design of a discrete RF sampled data converter.
More flexible circuit board layout: The highly integrated and compact shape of AFE7444 and AFE7422 can help engineers optimize the position layout of transceivers and antennas to enable digital beamforming with high frequency and high density antenna matrices.

With the addition of AFE7444 and AFE7422 to TI's RF sampled transceiver product series, it can meet engineers'requirements for performance, bandwidth and power with higher integration.


Tools and support for accelerated design
Evaluate new transceivers using AFE7444EVM and AFE7422EVM evaluation modules, which can now be obtained from TI stores and authorized dealers.
Engineers can use AFE7444 or AFE7422 to quickly start the design phase, providing a reference design for multi-channel RF transceiver clocks for radar and wireless 5G testers.
Watch "AFE7444 and AFE7422 Getting Started" series of videos.


Packaging and supply

TI's new RF sampling transceivers are now in production and can be ordered at TI stores and authorized dealers. Packaging and pricing are shown in the table below.





Order immediately from TI Store


AFE7444 Four-Channel Broadband RF Sampling Transceiver

17 mm x 17 mm, FCBGA package



AFE7422 Dual Channel Broadband RF Sampling Transceiver

17 mm x 17 mm, FCBGA package




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